Friday, April 24, 2009


Chris Young, who spent all of the 2008 season languishing in the minors, became the first player taken in the free agency portion of the 2009 off-season.

Brother Johann, the Club operations director, expressed his approval. "Chris is short for Christopher," the Head Friar noted, "and St. Christopher is well-known as the patron saint of travelers. Chris Young is a well-traveled young man already, but we hope that in the future all of his wondering will be in our club's spacious outfield. We feel blessed to have added his talents to our club, and we do not anticipate that he will spend time in the minors, even though he has been signed as such. He is simply ready to play regularly. His selection rights what we feel is a wrong, because BARB owners need to be able to appreciate a player with his power, grace and speed."

Comparing 'Chrises':
compared with
St. Christopher:

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