Monday, June 26, 2017


Can the 2017 St. Francis Kansans get their house in order, and contend for a sixth consecutive playoff spot?

Does the arrival of 1B/OF Cody Bellinger's power bat signal a revival for the former Friars?  

Can he and the recently-activated J.D. Martinez reboot the club's hopes?

What about the acquisition of Michael Pineda from Santi City, for the princely sum of C Austin Hedges and two pitching prospects?   

Can he stabilize the rotation and help get the club back into the first division?

Or does the trade of ace Max Scherzer to the Brooklyn Moabs augur hard times and the beginning of a long-delayed rebuild?

"Hell if I know," said disgruntled "acting" GM and (officially) Team President Scott Hatfield.  "I don't know if we're buyers or sellers.   I don't know if the players will make a difference, or if the manager makes a difference, or if anyone in our organization is really free to develop a long-term plan.   What I do know is, no matter what I do, some is going to take credit for forseeing where things go right, and blame the rest of us for when things go wrong."

Hatfield was expressing his displeasure with the sporadic, social-media chatter associated with CEO Donald Drumpf, who leveraged a controlling interest in the franchise back in November and promised major shakeups and rapid improvement in the franchise's fortunes, but who actually has apparently had little actual dealings with anyone in the organization.   That hasn't stopped him from taking credit, though:

"He doesn't even know the name of the TEAM," said an incredulous Hatfield.  'Make FINCHES great again?   That franchise doesn't even exist anymore!"